A selection of wedding and commitment ceremonies is available - please see COSTS AND OPTIONS tab to view what is included in each ceremony offered.


I also can write vows, or vows and ceremony script, in order that your

friend or family member can act as celebrant





If you do not need me to attend as celebrant, I am still available to write the whole ceremony and vows. See COSTS.



If you are happy to write your own vows but wish for the ceremony to be written. See COSTS.


As a professional presentation tutor,  I am available to assist at rehearsals to quieten nerves and teach the skills necessary for the big day.

"You played a big part in orchestrating their service, and we will never forget how much love you put into it."


More and more people are deciding that the traditional way for marrying is not for them. The religious ceremony in a church, or the simplistic effect of a registry office does not, for one reason or another, offer what a couple has dreamed of.

A celebrant-led wedding, commitment, civil partnership ceremony is glorious as:


  • the venue can be anywhere: stately home, leafy glade, back garden, boat, beach, overseas etc;

  • no matter what, your own beliefs (or non at all) can be celebrated;

  • anyone from the LGBTQIA family can enjoy their wedding and deep commitment to their partner;

  • the wedding can be themed;

  • there can be as much family and friends' participation (and pets!)  as you like;

  • the wedding group can sit, stand, form a circle -  anything; 

  • anyone can speak with poems, songs, readings; every word spoken will be meaningful;

  • any music can play, at any time, during the service;

  • photographers, children, dogs and doves - the more the merrier;

  • traditions and rituals of unity candles, sand-pouring, hand-fasting, ring-warming can be participated in, and

  • most importantly - you get to say the vows that are meaningful to you both. No one is going to tell you what you have to repeat because of tradition. These will be special words of love and commitment, some of which only your partner will understand (all of which will have your audience shed a little tear no doubt). The real truth laid out, and one that you choose to share with family and friends, in your own way.


How awesome is that? 

religious marriage can have  drawbacks because:


  • it must be held at a religious venue;

  • it cannot  be held outdoors;

  • it has no real audience participation;

  • it must have religious content;

  • no same-sex marriages can take place;

  • it is restrictive regarding: readings, poems, timing, photography...even confetti, and

  • it can become a conveyor belt when there are multiple weddings at the weekend.


A registry office marriage only can have drawbacks because:


  • it can be characterless and bland;

  • it is a short ceremony;

  • sometimes there is limited space for family to attend;

  • there is no religious content (unless wanted);

  • there is no participation for the audience;

  • it can be held in an approved building only, and

  • there will be other couples queuing up,  waiting for you to complete.

Please book as soon as possible; no date is too early