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Wedding Ceremony and

Re -Commitment Pricing 2023



My services to get you to your magical day


Support - constant support - composing, reviewing and leading you through, from the very first moment of meeting,to the point when I can see you both, amongst your friends and family, drinking your champagne and posing for your wedding photos.


  1. First stop is an initial Zoom to say ’Hello’ and for you to assess if I am the person for you – no obligation. I, too, will be absorbing your characters, and the feel of what you are looking for regarding: audience participation, those missing, rituals, pets, music, readings (if you know any of those at the time of our chat).

  2. Approximately six (6) weeks prior to your ceremony I’ll  start crafting and composing the script; finding a theme/story to link poems and readings with the mood of what we want to say. (I was a presentation skills trainer, so be confident that the content will be very special: thoughtful, profound, inclusive, sophisticated and fun.)

  3. We’ll Zoom again and you will hear the full script, including all readings, poems and rituals (if you have chosen any).  Of course, you have final say on anything at all!

  4. I will finalise the script and follow up for any missing information. There will quite a few emails between us all.

  5. I will contact any ‘readers’ to have a chat and make them feel comfortable.

  6. A few days prior to the ceremony we will have the final Zoom. I won’t go through the exact script with you, as I want it to be ‘fresh’.  I will go through the timeline, however, so you know what is coming up.

  7. I will produce the Wedding certificate for signing.

  8. I will produce the Order of Ceremony for chairs.

  9. If we are doing a Handfasting, I will produce the binding ribbons or rope.

  10. I will produce the text cards for promises and readings.

  11. I will be at the venue an hour beforehand to talk to the venue contact, photographer and the person looking after the music (i.e. generally everyone taking part, including who has the rings!).

  12. And so we have the ceremony, all those months of waiting, absorbing those words of love between you both  – and me somewhere in the middle of it!

  13. A few weeks later your signed certificate and the full text of the ceremony will be sent to you – sent with hugs from me.

REMEMBER: You don’t need to incorporate signing, rituals etc. if any of those are not for you. This is your day, your way.


                                                       Fee:  £41 (2023)



Rituals you might like

Here a few options that can be included in your wedding or re-commitment ceremony

  • Unity Sand  

  • Wine Box/Love Letter 

  • Wine Ceremony 

  • Broom Jumping 

  • Ring Warming 

  • Rose Ceremony to Mothers 

  • Handfasting/ Hand Wrapping 

  • Unity Candle 

      ... other custom elements welcome.



  • Travel beyond 15 mile radius from Sleaford, Lincs

  • Themed outfit;

  • Accommodation costs, or

  • Items used in ceremony that the clients have requested celebrant to purchase on their behalf.


Your Independent, fully qualified celebrant for the East Midlands

   T:   01529 461354

   M:  074 69216050



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