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Script  Writing 

If you would like only the script written for the ceremony - which someone else will then conduct -  I will be delighted to assist.




Let's do it again!

Of all the reasons to have a celebration, a long loving relationship must be top of the list. In this day and age when so many marriages and partnerships fail, those that have worked and endured, should be congratulated and celebrated.


A recommitment ceremony takes place to reaffirm love and your life-long commitment to each-other, to celebrate the past and your hope for the future, and to remind your friends and family of the strength of your bond.


Reaffirmation of wedding vows is generally a more relaxed  event than a first time wedding and is more family-orientated.  It can be a big lavish event (maybe you only had a cut-price wedding all those years ago) or it can be attended by only a few of your nearest and dearest. It can be because you have come through hard times, or because there is a special anniversary to celebrate.


You’ll have complete choice and flexibility with content and your own special vows.

Hey! You know you are in a long-term relationship when:

  • There's no  'mine' and 'yours'.

  • You stop saying 'You' and 'Me' and start saying 'We'.

  • You share friends.

  • You use each other's things.

  • You have your own sleep space on the bed.

  • You know each other's finances.

  • You have a system.

  • You know when to give space.

  • You know how to cheer the other up.

  • Staying in is still great.

  • Sometimes you don't need language.


Your Independent, fully qualified celebrant for the East Midlands

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