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Baby Naming




The naming of a baby should be celebrated and one to share with friends and family as your child begins his, or her, own life. It is a platform where parents can promise to care and commit, explain their hopes for their child for the future, give their thanks and to name new guardians..and then top it all off with a party. 


For some parents a religious christening or baptism is not what they are looking for as they may be non-religious and wish to let their child decide his, or her own beliefs. Most often parents chose to celebrate at home and within the family group. 


Let me advise you and lead you through this precious ceremony. As a professional presenter and public speaker, I can suggest readings and offer expert advice, helping to lead and conduct the ceremony itself. 


Important:  A Naming ceremony is not necessarily unique to a baby/child.  Any person can enjoy a celebration for a re-naming or adoption etc.

Please don't forget  Baby Naming does not replace registering the birth.  Registration is a legal requirement. Please see 'The Legal Bit' tab which will explain what you have to do.


Only need the script?

If you would like the script written for the ceremony  (which will then be conducted by yourself or by a friend), I will be delighted to assist.


Your Independent, fully qualified celebrant for the East Midlands

   T:   01529 461354

   M:  074 69216050





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